Rent A Knee Scooter In And Around The Thousand Oaks Area

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Knee Scooter

Regain mobility on a sleek new four wheeler, The Knee Scooter. Complete with a comfortable knee pad, brakes, easy maneuverability and a modern look, the knee scooter will get you back on the streets. Crutches are uncomfortable in so many ways, and wheelchairs are just inconvenient. If you’ve had an accident, surgery, or just need to take a little weight off, you don’t need to subject yourself to a wheelchair or crutches anymore. The knee scooter is a simple alternative for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and ulcers of the foot. The knee scooter is there for full and easy support. Not only does it relieve the stress from your impaired mobility, but it’s also a fun ride. With steerable technology, you guide the wheels of your own speed. The knee scooter gives you full control over your mobility, allowing you to scoot over any terrain with its large wheels. The knee scooter is deal for indoor and outdoor use and the deluxe lever brake helps ensure safety. It’s personalized in that the knee scooter has height adjustable hand breaks to ensure maximum security and capability. The leg pad is height adjustable as well, so you can get maximum comfort and stability. One of the greatest features of the knee scooter is how easily the unit folds without tools making travel, storage or just getting around easy. If you want to hit the road again, get a knee scooter at the Americare Medical Supply Store in the Thousand Oaks area. After renting the knee scooter of your choosing, you’ll roll out of our store with ease.

Come around to to the Americare Medical Supply Store in Thousand Oaks. We’ll have you skating out in no time, on the wheels of a new knee scooter.