Hospital Bed Rental In Thousand Oaks

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Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds are a great long-term care solution for those with arthritis, circulatory and respiratory conditions and any other chronic health condition. You can get the care you need in the comfort of your own home. Hospital beds are an important part of home care, and they provide the necessary high quality comfort for any patient. They are also a great economical solution for those requiring some bed positioning, but cannot stay in the hospital, or afford other types of electric beds. These hospital beds are high quality and are more durable and comfortable beds than the standard hospital bed. The width of these beds is “hospital standard”, so slightly narrower than a twin sized bed, but there are other sizing options as well.  Most can adjust to advanced therapy positions. The hospital beds come with headboards and footboards to blend with your home decor, combining the senses of home and healath. Bed rails and other bed accessories can be easily added to these hospital beds. Bed accessories help complete your home care environment, making it more comfortable and functional. These hospital beds are fully powered and adjustable. They are height adjustable, allowing them to be lowered or raised off the floor as needed to easily transfer someone to a wheelchair or perform a patient lift. These beds are great long-term care options because they can be adjusted and personalized to your care needs, like if you need to raise your legs or upper body. The smooth adjusting process is nice and quiet as well, so you or your patient won’t be consistently disturbed. Americare Medical Supply in the Thousand Oaks area has a high-quality supply of hospital beds. If you are in need of long-term care you should come in and purchase your personal hospital bed for maximum comfort and security.