Front Wheel Walker Rental In Thousand Oaks

Front Wheel Walker

A Front Wheel Walker is designed for comfort and function for those who are experiencing issues with mobility. A front wheel walker is lightweight with an anodized aluminum frame. This construction provides superior strength. The front wheel walker also features a comfortable, flexible seat that can flip down to allow the user to sit. You can also use it to carry things while you are walking around. The seating feature can also can tuck out of the way, making it easier to use while walking. It’s soft flexible backrest makes for additional comfort. The flexible backrest offers maximum stability and padding, while the ergonomic handbrakes lock the wheels for safety. The special loop lock hand brakes made of internal aluminum casting and the sturdy anodized aluminum construction make the front wheel walker safe and stable. It’s also very easy to pack up when you need to put it away or in a car etc. It easily folds right up. The folding mechanism is made simple with its dual release lever side paddles. It also has the weight capacity of 300 pounds. The front wheel walker is fully height-adjustable and customizes to the user’s needs, extending to your own personal comfort level.

The front wheel walker incredibly strong, effective, and safe to use. Americare Medical Supply in Thousand Oaks carries a wide variety of these high quality products. If you want to alleviate your pain while you are walking around, front wheel walkers are an ideal option. They are light weight, easy to store and transport. If you come into the Thousand Oaks Americare Medical Supply store, we will teach you how to use your front wheel walker. You will be totally mobile with your new product as you walk out of the store.