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ICE20 Ice Therapy Elbow/Small Knee

  • $39.99

Studies have shown that Ice Compression and Elevation is the best remedy for reducing pain and swelling of muscle strains and joint pains.
20 Minutes on, 20 Minutes off is the fastest way to recovery!
The Key is ICE20's form fitting compression wrap, with thick neoprene straps and strong Velcro that provides firm, consistent, comfortable pressure of the ICE20 bag to the body.
The ICE20 Bag is a high quality, refillable, no-leak ice bag with a soft cotton exterior providing the most comfortable fit of any ice bag.  The easy-to-open, wide-mouth lid makes it simple to fill and clean.
ICE Bags are lined with a high quality rubberized interior that keeps the ice cold for hours longer than conventional gel packs and NO CHEMICALS - It's just ice!
See why doctors, therapists, coaches and athletes all prefer real ice over gel packs.