Curad Elastic Net Sleeve 5yrds (1Sleeve) Curad Elastic Net Sleeve 5yrds (1Sleeve) Sleeves Curad - Americare Medical Supply

Curad Elastic Net Sleeve 5yrds (1Sleeve)

  • $5.49

Non-stick pads have an absorbent cotton/polyester core to help keep the wound clean and dry. The ventilated outer film allows fluid to pass into the absorbent center while providing a non-stick contact layer against the wound. Can be cut to size. Ideal for use over surgical sites, sutures, cuts, scrapes and burns to protect and prevent trauma during dressing changes. Ventilated film allows wound to breathe and provide ouchless removal. Soft and flexible material covers wound and minimizes disruption. Cotton/polyester core pulls excess fluid away from the wound. Sterile unless package is damaged or open. This product is not made with natural rubber latex.