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Circaid Undersleeve Lower Leg Beige

  • $24.99

About the product
  • The circaid Undersleeve – Leg liner is designed to offer individuals the opportunity to embrace a comfortable, convenient experience while dealing with other injuries. The liners are lightweight but thick enough to provide a dry, comfortable wear.
  • CONVENIENCE: The leg sleeves may be purchased in either sock form with only one open end, or with two open ends. The first provides a more comfortable experience overall, while the latter allows for the donning of regular footwear.
  • DRY: By acting as a barrier between your skin and compression accessories like knee or ankle braces, this undersleeve not only keeps wearers comfy, but keeps sweat and moisture at bay throughout the day.
  • COMFORT: These undersleeves are perfect for use as a way to prevent chaffing on your sensitive or healing skin while you’re in recovery or making use of compression accessories. The padding simply adds a much-needed layer of comfort.
  • PROTECTION: Not only can this liner protect your skin from chaffing, but it also acts as an additional layer of defense if you place it over a dressing. In the event that you experience weeping while you’re out, you won’t need to worry about stains.