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Drive All-Terrain Knee Walker #990x

  • $459.99

The All-Terrain Knee Walker by Drive Medical is a heavy duty, comfortable and pain free crutch alternative which restores mobility for individuals recovering from an injury or surgery of the foot, ankle or lower leg
This Drive Medical knee scooter features two large 16" front wheels and two large 8" rear wheels to provide enhanced traction and stability to effortlessly maneuver over gravel, dirt, grass, mulch, gaps in the sidewalk, doorway thresholds and uneven pavement perfect for navigating your home, work, or any terrain with ease
The steerable knee walker offers an advanced heavy duty, braking system enabling the user to quickly stop the knee walker, providing complete control over the knee scooter
The cushioned knee platform is fully adjustable and offers a built in suspension to maximize comfort and reduce pressure on the shin or knee. When not in use the handle bars of this knee scooter quickly fold making storage a breeze, transportation easy with the ability to fit in the trunk of most automobiles
Heavy duty steel construction of the Drive Medical knee rover offers unprecedented strength and stability and built for use with the right or left leg and boosts a 350 lbs weight capacity