Choosing The Right Wheelchair For You

Wheelchairs liberate and give independence to those unable to walk, whether temporarily or permanently. Choosing the right wheelchair for you can be confusing and overwhelming, In the State of California alone you’ll find an extensive range of styles and designs and that’s before you begin to explore your options online. This is why, we at Americare Medical Supply Thousand Oaks decided to put together this helpful blog post. Selecting the perfect wheelchair for yourself or a family member doesn’t need to be complicated, read on for our quick breakdown of wheelchairs!
Manual wheelchairs include lightweight, transport, sports, bariatric, rollator and standard wheelchairs.
Generally speaking, manual wheelchairs are self-propelled and are therefore ideal for those with capable movement and strength in the upper body. For those that don’t have such strength or movement in their upper body, a transport style or rollator wheelchair may be a better choice, this requires someone to push the chair but it is comprised of a much slimmer frame and is easier to maneuver.
After evaluating the style of manual chair required, another important factor is whether a foldable or rigid chair is best suited to your lifestyle. Rigid chairs offer better transfer of energy, making the forward propulsion more efficient and less tiring, but they are less practical as they cannot be folded. For those who wish to travel more often, such as regular flying, taking the train or traveling by taxi a folding chair would be a more practical option.

Power Wheelchairs are the other major category of wheelchair and includes traditional electric wheelchairs, platform-model powerchairs, and power base chairs. Power wheelchairs allow people who cannot manually push a wheelchair independence that doesn’t come with a transport wheelchair. The varying types of power chairs all perform the same job, but the style is a matter of preference so it is a good idea to try out a few options before committing to one.

The market is always changing, adding new and exciting designs and features that make operating and using the power wheelchairs quick and easy, so make sure to explore the newest technologies in the power wheelchair market. Currently, some powerchairs can even be controlled using the minute movements of the mouth, and you might not believe us but there are even some that can climb stairs!
Thousand Oaks and many other places throughout the state of California are highly wheelchair accessible, and here at Americare Medical Supply, we wish to give everyone the freedom to independently explore the Thousand Oak area and beyond. We’re always on hand to help with advice and information about all of our life enhancing products, including wheelchairs so feel free to contact us online or in store!